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Global Performance

Optimizing & enabling the expat’s individual performance and growth in unknown territory.

Executive Coaching

Tailored, individual accelerating of performance with focus on set goals and targets.

High Performing Board

A well-functioning board team is a driver for a company’s success and innovation.

What the clients say

“In her public talks, Lena speaks to you from her heart and shares her knowledge to energize and inspire men and women to support equality at work.”

PR Manager - Sole entrepreneur

“Lena Beck Rørvig has been my Executive Coach for one year, and I achieved my ambitious career goal within that year. We worked with my specific wishes for strengthening my personality, my independence, and my charisma.  I have truly valued working with Lena; she is professional and goal oriented. She made me see my qualities and helped me show my strength to the external world. All the way she has been an outstanding coach. I give my highest recommendation.”


“Lena is a rock star and anyone looking to form or streamline a Board needs to speak with her.”

Founder. Non-profit organization

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Women Leadership Empowerment Career

It is​ a no-brainer: companies should invest in empowering women!

Assertiveness, speaking up and getting the message across is a leadership skill. In most companies, women and men must master this to advance their careers. If companies want more women in leadership positions, they need to make sure that women master the skills of being assertive and speaking up. It is not a nice to have, but a need to have.
January 30, 2017/by Lena Beck Rørvig
Networking, leadership

From Shy to Savvy Business Networker!

If you meet me today at a business networking event you will probably not notice that I am not at all a natural business networker. I have had to learn. Get my best tips and you can also learn to become a savvy networker.
September 21, 2016/by Lena Beck Rørvig
Global Consulting Leadership Development Performance

The missing link to successful expatriation

Expatriation costs anything from $100,000 per year to millions of dollars. No matter the organizational level Return on Investment (ROI) is to a great extent up to your performance. As such, it is in direct correlation with your well-being and personal career and life balance on location.
September 14, 2016/by Lena Beck Rørvig

The lucky lonesome European cowboy: leadership preparation before entering the US market

European companies invest large sums in developing and launching their products in the US but lack the same investment in developing and launching their managers and leaders.
July 27, 2016/by Lena Beck Rørvig
Supporting women empowerment

The New Black For Men: ‘An Ego That Is Not Threatened by brainy women’

George Clooney’s transformation from ‘arm candy’ to ‘trendsetter.’ Women around the world fell more deeply in love with George Clooney (if that is even possible..) when he, in his acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes this year, said to his wife, human rights lawyer, Amal Clooney; “I couldn't be more proud to be your husband."
February 20, 2015/by Lena Beck Rørvig

Bitch in Business

Feminism has been associated with being angry, ugly and a man hater. Luckily we can now laugh at that outdated misunderstanding and enjoy the new wave of feminism because they get the message across with the most wonderful uplifting humor.
December 14, 2014/by Lena Beck Rørvig

Prioritize Yourself and Others Will, Too!

Even the nicest boss, the most understanding partner and wonderful children, YOU have to make it happen for yourself. YOU have to prioritize yourself and your development, or other's will stop trying.
November 14, 2014/by Lena Beck Rørvig

Myths vs. Facts

It is about time we stop talking about women's lack of confidence and start tapping into the real issues. Putting yourself forward is a skill that can be learned. If women think they first have to get more confident and before they can put themselves forward, it is a long journey.
September 26, 2014/by Lena Beck Rørvig