Leadership and Team Performance

Leadership Performance

Leadership performance

Leadership is all about helping others to perform and the better you are at managing and leading, the better you can help your employees perform.

Professional leadership development will give you the tools and skills to noticeably improve not only your own performance and efficiency, but also your employees.

The development is directly focused on your development areas and goals:

• Individual Leadership Development
Focus will be on the concrete areas of development. The first meeting will ensure that mutual expectations are agreed upon, then a customized program is planned.

• 360-degree feedback
‘360-degree feedback’ will give you useful feedback from; – your manager, – colleagues on the  same managerial level and, – employees directly reporting to you.

• Three Part Development
This type of Leadership Development is similar to Individual Leadership Development, but the closest manager will be involved. Typically the first step is a meeting with the manager and his or hers closest manager. At this meeting, goals and development areas are discussed and agreed. After this meeting the customized sessions are planned. The sessions could eventually be evaluated with a follow-up three way meeting.

Personal Business Plan

The Personal Business Plan ™ is a life improvement system, developed and perfected by Stephen Bruyant-Langer since 1996.  Beck Global Consulting is a PBP Partner deliver Executive Coaching based on The Personal Business Plan™ concept and methodology.

The Personal Business Plan™ program is a 10 step method for documented self-improvement.
Spanning 12 months, it defines you through
1)  Analysis of your past and present – Where am I?
2)  Awareness of your goals – Where should I go?
3)  Planning your future – How do I get there?

Team Performance

Team Performance

Team development gives your team the framework and tools to succeed: set new goals, agree on how to cooperate and create room for both creative and strategic thinking.

High performing teams are characterized by:

  • People are stronger in the team than they are as individuals.
  • They challenge each other and set stretched goals.
  • Diversity is used as a strength

Team development is customized to your team’s exact needs and challenges ensuring the desired outcome