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Empowering women

Beck Global Consulting specialize in empowering women making them reach their full potential. We offer individual and corporate programs for women who want to learn and thrive in their professional and personal life.

Individual programs

Our programs address the unique and challenging issues you, as a woman, experience at work. We will, in a safe forum, teach you the skills and tools to overcome these challenges in the best way for you making sure you can accelerate your career and individual performance immediately.
The Individual Programs include on-line courses, coaching, and workshops.

Corporate Programs

For companies, we offer tailored programs strengthing your talented female employee’s ability to authentic step up and speak up bringing all their skills and ideas to action increasing financial results.

By offering and implementing the Corporate Program, your company will see authentic and comfortable women coming forward with their ideas, improve their performance and be ready to step up to new responsibilities.

The Corporate Program presents a combination of specific topics designed to develop the individual woman, so she is ready to give the company her best skills and qualifications and achieve her fullest potential. Program participants will finish the program with an awareness of their personal strengths and an understanding of how to apply those skills at work.

Gender equality is good business.

It has been proven that companies who invest in equal gender representation in leadership positions see more success than those without.

Financial Gains

Data from the World Economic Forum suggest a strong correlation between countries that are most successful at closing the gender gap and economically competitive. Companies with a high percentage of women perform far better than their competitors. In fact, companies with the most female officers have a substantially better financial return.

High Potential Pipeline Of Candidates

Knowledge is today’s competitive resource and having an internal pipeline of the best high potential candidates can be a vital competitive advantage. Showing potential candidates and employees that they have a clear career path based on their merits and skills greatly motivates people to join and stay.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Including and implementing gender equality initiatives into the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy sends a strong message to stakeholders that the company is committed to improving the ratio and serious about encouraging women to take on leadership positions.

Mirroring Consumer Spending

Women in the world today are making the majority of spending decisions. Ensuring that the companies staff composition mirrors consumer spending can be important for the company’s future power to reach the target clients and innovate.

Show Your Worth Model®

The Show Your Worth® Model embraces all aspects and challenges women face when wanting to advance their career.

It is based on a holistic approach ensuring that each woman remains unique and authentic. Being confident is all about leveraging ones own authentic behavior and expanding this with useful knowledge and tools.

Assess Your Skills.

Find out how good you are at talking and promoting yourself
and whether or not your background has played a role

This quick assessment will give you a good understanding of your level.


Tailored, individual accelerating of performance with focus on set goals and targets


Inspirational and instructive workshops with ready to implement tools


Inspirational talks. Keynote, corporate event, women’s meeting or company occasion

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