Bitch in Business

Getting called a bitch means I am doing something right

Feminism has been associated with being angry, ugly and a man hater.

Luckily we can now laugh at that outdated misunderstanding and enjoy the new wave of feminism because they get the message across with the most wonderful uplifting humor.

The video just released by a group of Columbia Business School student’s ‘Bitch in Business’[1] is not only funny but pinpoint the ridicule that we still do not have equal gender opportunities and pay in the workplace.

The video is – unfortunately – reflecting a sad truth revealed in a study by Kiera Snyder published in August 2014 [2]. Her study is of reviews in the workplace, and she found that high-achieving men and women are described differently – both from male and female bosses.

When breaking the reviews down by gender of the person evaluated, 58.9% of the reviews received by men contained critical feedback. 87.9% of the reviews received by women did. Negative personality criticism like: Watch your tone! Step back! Stop being so judgmental! -shows up two times in the 83 critical reviews received by men. Shockingly it shows up in 71 of the 94 critical reviews received by women!

No wonder women struggle with finding the balance: Messages like: ‘Speak up’ and  ‘Grow some ….’ are totally contradicting that women, on the other hand, are told to ‘Step back’ and ‘Watch your tone.’

Both men and women have to get used to women speaking their mind and taking charge.

Enjoy this video and enjoy being a bitch in business.